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Dr. Kingsbury specializes in performing non-surgical procedures on shoulders, knees and discs as well as addressing the painful realities of peripheral neuropathy. The World Karate Federation flies Dr. Kingsbury to several countries every year to treat world-class athletes. His patients travel from as far away as Europe and Australia, and he treats several athletes in South America as well. As the only advanced instructor in the United States for the Trigenics Institute, Dr. Kingsbury teaches doctors all over the country how to perform these special procedures.

The day of your appointment, please wear shorts and a t-shirt to allow the doctors to perform the necessary exams. If you prefer, you may bring them to the office and change clothes before your scheduled appointment time.

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 Please note:  All paperwork needs to be completed to the best of your ability before your appointment time as the doctors’ appointments are booked back-to-back.